Pop up Menu, Display Pop up Menu by Right-clicking

How to display pop up menu by right-clicking?

Pop up menu is visible and placed on the top for majority websites. For some websites, the web designers want to navigate the website by DHTML menu, but there is no space to place menu, context menu type is the best choice to show menu and it can be shown anywhere just by right-clicking.

How to show pop up menu in this webpage?

In this webpage, do you think there is no pop up menu? Now, right-click to make the navigation menu appear, and click to make it disappear, it performs as if float menu, you can let it shown no matter where the mouse moves.

  1. Step 1: Create pop up menu from built-in templates

    Launch Sothink DHTML Menu, "Startup" window opens, you can start menu from built-in templates or new blank. First, click the name from built-in templates to select the menu; and then, preview menu style in preview window of Startup; last, click "OK" to start menu creation.

    Pop up Menu - Menu Template

  2. Step 2: Choose menu type for the chosen menu

    In tasks panel, click "Menu Type" option on the Global panel; and enter the "Global > Menu Type" to set the menu as "Context menu".

    Pop up Menu - Menu Type

  3. Step 3: Publish menu to website

    Menu creation is finished. Click the button "Publish" to choose the best publishing method. After the option is check, you can follow the step to publish your navigation to website. And upload all the resources.

    Pop up Menu - Publish Menu
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