Flash Drop Down Menus vs Javascript Menu Bar

Disadvantages of making web menus with Javascript hand coding

Website menu bar or navigation bars are integral parts of every website design. In the past most webmaster use Javascript to create pull-down menus. It would take considerable amount of scripting knowledge for web designer to get the right design and right options on the navigation menu, and incompatibility problems arise often between different web browsers and Javascript versions.

A main factor that makes your visitors trust you is your web site's appearance & design. Javascript language does not support high quality graphics or animations. In contrast, Flash drop down menus are often visually Rich, and comes with high quality graphics and animated effects, which make using a Flash header and navigation menu bar much more attractive than a static Javascript menu. In additional, Javascript is disabled by many users for security reasons and popup blocking. For these users, Javascript menus will simply become invisible and leave a big blank area on your website --- which gives your visitors a very poor impression about your website.

Advantages of adopting Flash drop down menus for your site

In recent years, more and more websites are using Flash drop down menu instead of Javascript menu systems. Flash drop down menus provide better browser compatibility -- as Flash web menu appears and works the same in all browser and operating system conform to the Adobe Flash standard. Base on Adobe's website information, over 98% of web users now have Flash installed with their browser.

Another main advantage of Flash drop down menu is the easy maintenance. Most Flash drop down menus store their settings in a single SWF file, changes to site navigation are very easy. Just upload the new file to your site and refresh are instant. If you use Javascript menu, as the Javascript code is repeated to all pages, you would need to edit all pages.

General ways of creating Flash drop down menus

To create Flash drop down menus, you usually have two ways:

  • Way 1: You can program it yourself using Adobe Flash software plus actionScript --- which require techniques such as timeline control, frame labels, use of button event handlers, and animation skills.
  • Way 2 (Recommended): To make things easier done, it is best to look use a Flash menu builder software. Most Flash menu builder software provide a wizard and easy steps to make Flash drop down menus, you can simply choose a ready made design from a collection of Flash menu templates, and then fill your menu captions, links, and define sub-menus.


Introduce a great Flash Menu Builder

A great Flash menu builder makes it possible for beginners and non-programmers to build their own Flash drop down menus in minutes without any coding. Even skillful webmasters might find the Flash web menu software providing great assistance and time saver to create Flash drop down menus.

Sothink Flash Menu is an ultimate Flash web menu builder. It can build various Flash menus with simple steps. This Flash menu builder enables you to make rich functional web menus, such as popup men, float menu, scroll menu, highlight menu, multi-column menu, disabled items and separators, and non-English menu, etc.

Key Features:

  • Rich built-in menu design resources
  • Search engine friendly menu code
  • Create multi-functional Flash menus
  • Freely customize the web menu style
  • Show Flash menu above other web elements

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Flash Menu Builder Samples

Javascript DHTML Image Web Scroller Powered by dhtml-menu-builder.com avascript DHTML Image Web Scroller Powered by dhtml-menu-builder.co

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  • An ultimate Flash drop down menu builder creates stylish & stunning cross-browser Flash menus in clicks. 46 built-in templates, 50 amazing special effects, 35 preset styles and image library of 4 categories, make SE friendly navigation bar without Flash and ActionScript skills. Fully customize web menu style; show Flash menu above web elements. WYSWYG Flash drop down menu builder enables you to preview created web menus instantly.

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