Flash Game Develop ToolkitSWF Catcher + SWF Decompiler

Flash game develop toolkit is the professional Flash tool combination, which can capture Flash games from browsers caches, process and App packages; decompile Flash and export resources. It is worth having for re-design Flash games. Now buy it with $ 40 off!

Flash Game Develop Toolkit

Flash Game develop toolkit is the combination of Sothink SWF Catcher and Sothink SWF Decompiler, these two Flash authoring tools can help to complete Flash games from the start to end. Save the amazing Flash games for reference; decompile or edit Flash game to be new one; extract resource for re-design later, and download the uploaded Flash to debug the game. It is worthy having toolkit for Flash game development.

Capture Flash Games and Decompile Them
Flash capture from cache
From the diverse browser caches, use SWF Catcher to capture all Flash games, no matter what Flash games have URL or Flash games are included in App package. With decompiler, convert these Flash games to the editing formats or extract resources for Flash redesign.
Download Flash Games and Edit Flash
Flash capture from cache
Capture Flash games from the running application, and save them to computer. With SWF Decompiler, edit these Flash games by resource replacement; or convert Flash games to FLA, which can be modified in Flash editing tool to make the fresh Flash animation.
Get Flash Resources and Learn Flash Skill
Flash capture from local files
With SWF Catcher, download the favorite Flash games, Flash apps, Flash banners, etc. With SWF Decompiler, export these novel resources to the required formats for Flash design later; and also, you can learn ActionScript included in the excellent Flash and apply it to your Flash game.
Save Online Flash Games and Debug Them
Flash capture in process
Use SWF Catcher to download your Flash games which are uploaded to game website, Open it with SWF Decompiler to test it carefully, you can test everything about this Flash game, such as, audio, interactive and graphic, etc.

Flash Game Develop Toolkit

The best Flash game develop solution, which gets everything be ready for Flash game design. In Flash game develop toolkit, it is easy to detect and capture Flash game from all browsers and extract SWF from the various APP packages; and it enables to simply re-design Flash games, convert to the editable Flash and HTML5 animation, export resources to common formats.

What is Sothink SWF Catcher?

Sothink SWF Catcher is Flash downloader, it can capture or extract SWF files from various approaches, such as browser caches, APP packages (*.air, *.apk, *.exe or *.swc, view Flash terms) and running processes. With this Flash capture, you can find and catch Flash movie, Flash game, Flash banner, Flash cartoon, Flash cards etc. easily and quickly.

Why to Sothink SWF Catcher?

  • Capture Flash games for design inspiration
    Collect the addictive, awesome, high-rating online Flash games, and capture these Flash games to local discs. Learn skills and get inspiration from the excellent Flash games to design Flash game by your own, such as gameplay, graphic style and AS.
  • Extract SWF from app package for Flash games development
    Enable to extract Flash SWF files even if animations are included in the various file formats, such as apk, swc, exe and air. View Flash movie without the niche applications installed; develop Flash games based on these SWF files to design the new Flash games.
  • Download all Flash games from browser caches
    Download your favorite Flash games, but no real SWF URL provided in webpage? Never mind, SWF catcher can scan, list and save Flash to get all online Flash movies from all browser caches, the supported browsers includes Firefox, Chrome and IE.
  • Debug Flash games for testing
    After submit Flash games to flash websites, want to test if everything is ok? Capture Flash games from the running application, and test Flash games to view if online flash game is exactly the same with your Flash games designed.
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What is Sothink SWF Decompiler?

Sothink SWF Decompiler is Flash decompiling tool, it can convert SWF to FLA/FLEX project, SWF to HTML5, and get XFL from Flash movie; and extract resources to SWF, FLA or other common formats. And it is an easy editor, which simply modifies the existing SWF movie by editing or replacing the resources to get a new Flash, such as image, shape, text and sound.

Why to Sothink SWF Decompiler?

  • Export Flash game to FLA for redesigning
    To be slight redesign, directly modify text or replace image based on SWF files to get new Flash game; to be complicated development, export SWF to FLA, and edit FLA (view Flash terms) in Flash authoring tool to completely develop the brand-new Flash games.
  • Extract resources to the desired format for reusing
    Viewing Flash game design, don't miss the good stuff and save them to resource library when fancy shape, beautiful music, wonderful font appears. Export all elements you like to the wanted format and use them in your Flash game development later.
  • View and export ActionScript for learning
    During Flash game development, you are proficient in graphic, but ActionScript not; how to achieve the stunning effect in Flash game design? It is easy and quick way to learn ActionScript by decompiling Flash game and extract ActionScript to AS file.
  • Convert Flash game to HTML5 animation for playing
    Make your Flash game play on iPhone or iPad, but no Flash player? Let's export Flash game to HTML animation, the content of Flash game can be reused on the various deices without Flash player.
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