Sothink SWF CatcherAdvanced Flash Grabber and Saver.

The professional Flash grabber helps you to detect and grab Flash SWF all around from different browsers cache, local files and current process separately. One click to grab Flash games with ultimate web grabber that’s ever been.   Order Now>>

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Grab Flash SWF You Watched

Detect and grab Flash SWF files all around. Get and save Flash SWF into local machine, from Flash banner, Flash movie player and Flash game. You won’t miss any Flash files watched with the Flash SWF grabber software’s assist. With Flash SWF grabber tool, you can get any Flash SWF and make whole grab Flash process as simple experience.

Grab Flash SWF all around
Grab Flash SWF from cache

Grab Flash SWF from Browser Cache

Grab Flash SWF from browser cache, IE, Firefox and Chrome are supported. No need to remember the Flash URL since it will follow your path to keep track of Flash SWF automatically. You just need to press Browser Cache to grab Flash SWF from your viewing record of IE, Firefox and Chrome. The best Flash movie grabber and Flash player grabber for you.

Grab Flash SWF from Local Files

Grab SWF in executable files from local machine, including AIR, APK, Flash EXE and SWC. If you are interested in the Flash used in games or other applications on Android and if you have owned the relevant Android package (APK) on local, the SWF Grabber can grab SWF from them. No Flash could get lost from your hands.

Grab Flash SWF from local file
Grab Flash SWF from process

Grab Flash SWF in Process

The smart SWF grabber can run auto detection in any of your current process after you clicked on Process Capture button. You can define and choose different section in the process as well. When all Flash SWF has been listed in Flash grabber tool, select one to get instant preview. Press on Save File button to extract Flash SWF from the process in one click.

For all info, please visit online help or version history.

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