Static Text and Dynamic Text

In this course, I focus on showing the difference between static text and dynamic text. You can write your favorite sentence right after the one I offered. OK, have a try. 


Series: SWF Quicker 1.6
Estimated Time of Completion: 20 minutes

Firstly, it’s better to have a general idea about static text and dynamic text. Dynamic texts allow users to input something or change its content implemented. Take this one as an example, you can write your sentence on it or change mine. The other one is static text, like its name-static, you can not input anything in it or change any character, but it has its own advantages. The text can have different font, color and size.

Now, I’ll show you how I get this Favorite sentence box.

Step one: Launch SWF Quicker
Set the background color in properties panel. Well, I like dark background; you can select the color you prefer.

Step two: Design static text.
1. Select text tool, and look at properties panel. By default, text type is static. Set the properties for the title and write title on the canvas. Up to you!
2. After select the text, right-click it to choose Break Apart. Each character now can be considered as a separate object. Right-click the text again to choose Create Old Style Effect…
3. In the pop-up dialog box, choose an effect you like. Well, I like Rotate>Overturning3, and I take it.

Step three: Design dynamic text
1. Select Text tool. Look at properties panel, change type to dynamic, hit editable button, which has a pencil on it.
Tips: To show the border of the text field, hit show border button with a square on it
2. Drag a text box on the canvas to show the text field. Write your sentence.
3. Click preview button to see your presentation.
You can write your favorite sentence here.

Thank you for sharing your favorite sentence with me. Hope you have as much fun as I had.

Click text.rar (2.13 KB) to download source file. 

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